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Poster: Telephone Toughguy Date: Apr 19, 2007 4:18pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: seeings how we're posting non dead stuff

I'd like to share this with all my left wing friends and coworkers. Where I live it's allmost a requirement to be a democrat and I have to hide so many months out of the year when its "self make man" season. Here goes:

A day in the life of a real Republican...

I have not seen 6am since I stayed out that late.

I smoke my daily medicine because I cannot afford healthcare because I make too much money to get medicare and foodstamps that go to the less productive people that I have to carry with my income tax rat of almost 40%.

I make a protein shake or have a bagel because I work 12 hours a day and was too tired to stop and get eggs.

A liberal made the shampoo label? Who gives a shit, it's shampoo. Good for them.

The air I breathe is fresh because it has been recycled by trees, public transportation where I live is a joke and a disgrace. Parking costs hundreds of dollars a month and my car sits in a dimly lit lot that reeks of piss. My tires are flat a strange percentage of the time and amazingly at least one homeless person is there offering to help and eager for a buck in repayment. I waive my tire iron and tell them I can handle it, I used to be a black ops assassin and they leave me alone. Crack heads...

I begin my workday. I have a good job but am commission based and only make what I put into it. I have no medical insurance or paid holidays and when on vacation, I am constantly answering emails and cell phone calls because I lost my cush job at a federal bank when they outsourced my job to india because union labor made competition from US workers obsolete. I am self emplyed in a right to work state where you can fire yourself for any reason, besides the government passed fair labor laws long ago, making unions irrelevant and a mofia controlled racket.

If I get hurt on the job or becomes unemployed, I won't get shit because I am paid on a 1099 and don't rely on any government to carry me when I fall. That is what savings accounts are for. I have to write a check each year and if I don't pay I go to jail.

Liberals soley are responsible for FDIC?, I'll look into that. My bank has never been robbed so not sure how much I owe a liberal for protecting my own money.

I am renting because my divorce destroyed my credit and savings, fannie mae guidelines do not apply to me because I do not meet the "below medium income" requirement for my county and my house is not in a designated fannie mae reduced MI geocoded area. I have to go stated, self employed anyway, due to my tax filing and income pace during different parts of the year. I was unable to get a student loan or finaincial aid because they wanted my father's finanincial information, even though I had not seen him for 10 years and because I checked caucasion instead of native american, like my wise ass cousin who got a free ride to college. I had to pay cash or work at a job that had tuition reimbursement because some elitist liberal decided that the country would be better off if I was a minority.

I am home from work. I don't like talking to my mother and I rarely hear anything about my father. My Nissan is neither safer nor more economic than a liberals car and I don't think liberals are the only people that demand safer vehicles. Fair market capitalism has provided all levels of safety and fuel economy and I choose what I want to drive.

My ancestors haven't had farms since the Irish potato famine. They have been working boiler rooms, docks and factories, fighting wars, crossing union picket lines and making babies in middle class suburbia until the crime rate rose and the values in the neighborhood went to shit because of FHA housing complexes turne dghettos that some liberal made that benefit unwed mothers and crack addicted welfare babies... I picked the wrong family for the free shit.

I could care less about my father, who will never be able to retire or collect any benefits because he hasn't paid taxes since the 60's. He can never uses his social security number again because my mom collected welfare and food stamps while I was raised by my grandmother. The state of NJ ran a 50k tab on him and he is now a felon because of it. He cannot work anywhere and has warrants for unpaid child support. I wonder what my mom did with that 50k? I never saw any of it.

Republicans aren't perfect and all talk show hosts talk over anyone they disagree with. Some of those republican bastards freed the slaves, brought down soviet communism and other stuff no one ever mentions because they are hand fed all the bullshit like this biased overreaching onesided post that I could not ignore.

I agree: We don't need those big government liberals ruining our lives! After all, I'm a self-made man who believes everyone should take care of themselves, just like I have. Well that part is correct, thanks for pretending to know about everyone by the R or D next to their name. I am sure if you look close enough you'll find just as many scumbags on each side of the aisle. Stop assuming things, you know what they say about the word assume right?

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Poster: johnnyonthespot Date: Apr 19, 2007 6:37pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: seeings how we're posting non dead stuff

" thanks for pretending to know about everyone by the R or D next to their name. I am sure if you look close enough you'll find just as many scumbags on each side of the aisle."

It was just a little comeback to the all that is American crap I always here. I DON'T really like either side and I get along with both sides. In fact I have NEITHER next to my name I'm undeclared and that's how I vote. But one thing I can't do is pretend Republicans are for the " self made man" that is such a crock. They're the whores to big business. Both sides draw from the same well it just seems that one side draws even more.